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Pain Medicine Specialist

Overlook PAIN + Recovery

Asher Goldstein, MD

Board Certified Physician Specializing in Pain Management and Opioid Detox

Pain medicine can't always cure your condition, but the advanced treatments used by pain management experts can minimize your discomfort more effectively than any other approach. Board-certified pain management physician Asher Goldstein, MD, at Overlook PAIN + Recovery (formerly Genesis Pain Centers), specializes in using the latest pain medicine techniques to treat the source of your pain. Overlook PAIN + Recovery has an office in Hackensack, New Jersey. Call today to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online.

Pain Medicine Q & A

What is pain medicine?

Pain medicine concerns the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that are causing acute or chronic pain. The pain medicine specialists at Overlook PAIN + Recovery focus on the evaluation and rehabilitation of people suffering from chronic pain problems.

Some types of pain are a result of identifiable tissue damage — for example, a fractured bone, cancer, or a post-surgical wound. Other pain conditions arise from the nerves themselves (neuropathic pain) or have no identifiable cause (idiopathic).

Pain medicine specialists are experts in understanding how your nervous system transmits and deals with pain. They can isolate the cause where there is one and find the most effective treatments for your pain.

What treatments are used in pain medicine?

The Overlook PAIN + Recovery team offers a wide range of treatments for pain conditions. Every patient's needs are unique, so your provider draws up a personalized treatment plan that takes into consideration information about your age and general health, other conditions, and current symptoms.

Initial treatments are usually conservative, like physical therapy, massage therapy, counseling, chiropractic, and other noninvasive options. These are the safest forms of treatment and, in many cases, are highly effective at reducing chronic pain.

Overlook PAIN + Recovery also uses interventional pain management techniques to target the source of your pain. These treatments include:

  • Steroid injections
  • Nerve blocks
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Spinal cord stimulation (SCS)
  • Trigger point therapy     
  • Occipital nerve stimulation (ONS)
  • Peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS)
  • Pain pumps (intrathecal drug delivery)

Overlook PAIN + Recovery uses state-of-the-art technologies, including advanced neurostimulator systems from Abbott, and Stimwave's Freedom SCS and StimQ PNS systems.

Are opioid medications used in pain medicine?

Wherever possible, your provider at Overlook PAIN + Recovery avoids using opioid medication to treat your chronic pain. High-strength prescription painkillers like oxycodone and hydrocodone/acetaminophen (Vicodin®) are types of opioids. These are powerful drugs that can cause unpleasant and sometimes severe side effects.

Opioids are also highly addictive, so if you can avoid their use, it's best to do so. Overlook PAIN + Recovery's skilled pain medicine experts can perform toxicology screens for controlled substances, and provide opioid rehabilitation services for patients who've become dependent on their pain medication.

Are other medications used in pain medicine?

Medications do have their place, and can benefit some patients. For example, low-dose antidepressants and antiseizure medications can be effective in reducing neuropathic pain. If interventional treatments aren't suitable for you, your provider can combine low doses of multiple medications to reduce the risk of side effects.

Low-dose naltrexone (LDN) can ease the pain of fibromyalgia and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). You might also benefit from natural medications like im·bue botanicals™ cannabidiol (CBD) products or medical marijuana.

Find out more about the many ways pain medicine can help relieve your suffering by calling Overlook PAIN + Recovery today, or you can book an appointment online.