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Aviation Medical Examiner Specialist

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Asher Goldstein, MD

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If you’re applying for your pilot’s license and need an experienced aviation medical examiner for your certification, Overlook PAIN + Recovery can help in Hackensack, New Jersey. Asher Goldstein, MD, provides comprehensive physical and mental health exams to ensure you’re medically sound and fit to operate an aircraft safely. If you need an aviation medical exam, call your nearest office of Overlook PAIN + Recovery (formerly Genesis Pain Centers) or request an appointment online today.

Aviation Medical Examiner Q & A

What is an aviation medical examiner?

Prior to receiving a pilot’s license, you must meet specific medical standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) based on the class of medical certificate you’re pursuing.

An aviation medical examiner (AME) is a certification granted under the guidance of the FAA. Meeting these standards ensures you’re medically qualified to perform your duties as a pilot.

Who needs an aviation medical exam?

As an aviation medical examiner, Dr. Goldstein provides medical certification for the following categories of aviators:


First-class aviators include airline transport pilots.


Second-class aviators include commercial pilots, flight engineers, flight navigators, and air traffic control operators.


Third-class aviators include private pilots, recreational pilots, and student pilots.

At Overlook PAIN + Recovery, Dr. Goldstein serves as an AME and provides thorough physical exams and medical history reviews for civilian pilots. He offers Class 1 and Class 2 medical fitness certifications. You apply for a Class 1 certificate during training and a Class 2 certificate when you initially join flight school.

As a commercial pilot, you must also have an annual medical check. If you’re a pilot over 40 or hold an airline transport pilot license (ATPL), you need a medical test twice a year.

What can I expect during an aviation medical exam?

During your aviation medical exam, Dr. Goldstein reviews your medical history and current health to ensure you’re free of physical and mental congenital and acquired illness or disability that would interfere with your tasks as a pilot.

Dr. Goldstein also reviews your prescribed and non-prescribed medications that you take for underlying health conditions to determine if they interfere with your piloting capabilities.

If you have an existing health condition, you may wish to contact Overlook PAIN + Recovery to discuss the specifics of your condition before undergoing an exam. Certain medical conditions may disqualify you from a pilot certification, but Dr. Goldstein may be able to provide you with a special issuance medical certificate after an extensive review of your health.

If you need your pilot’s physical and mental health exam, you can rely on the aviator medical examiner services available at Overlook PAIN + Recovery. Call the office nearest you to book an exam or request an appointment online today.