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What’s The Relationship Between Stress And Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is one type of pain that seems to last beyond all expectations, despite treatment. Although it can be caused by all sorts of physical reasons like injuries, arthritis, cancer or similar conditions; researchers believe that chronic stress can also cause chronic psychosomatic pain. This pain doesn’t have any physical cause behind it, however psychological and neurological imbalance makes certain people much more susceptible to feeling pain than others.

Conditions like anxiety, depression or just chronic stress exert pressures enough that make people begin to feel physical symptoms. Some of the most common forms of psychosomatic chronic pain include lower back pain, body aches, headaches and joint pain.

The Mind-Body Connection

There is a rather strange connection between the mind and the body. When we say mind, we don’t mean the physical brain; but rather the human mind which is responsible for emotions and thoughts. Although we don’t exactly understand whether the physical brain causes these purely mental experiences or if it’s the other way around; the connection between the two is too apparent to ignore.

So, when you’re feeling sad or if you have certain repressed emotions, these can come out in the form of strange physical symptoms. It is said that the thoughts force the brain to produce neurotransmitters and hormones that recreate the feeling of pain, even though there is no specific injury or illness that might cause the pain.

How Do Your Feelings Affect the Body Exactly?

When people go through trauma, they don’t just ignore it, they repress it. One reason why it’s difficult to treat psychological problems is they leave no apparent marks and aren’t always recognized by the patient themselves. Having gone through some emotional trauma, your mind won’t always acknowledge it or you may just not express the hurt to leave it unresolved.

Much like a physical illness that can get infected if it’s not treated, this emotional injury begins to fester to cause stress, anxiety, depression and in many cases psychosomatic disorders like chronic pain. It’s not really that anxiety or depression cause these symptoms, both of the psychological conditions are actually symptoms much like chronic pain is in these cases.

When you relive those memories, a part of that recall procedure stimulates parts of the brain that are responsible for pain management. For as long as you don’t express your emotional pain, your body will express it for you as pain. The only way to ever overcome this pain is to go through psychological counseling to help you cope with the underlying stress which then undoes the pain you feel from it.

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