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Trigger Point Injections for Muscle Pain—Everything You Need to Know!

Do you have chronic or acute muscle pain?

If so, your doctor may recommend trigger point injections…

What are trigger point injections?

Trigger point injections are used to treat muscle pain that involves trigger points or tight muscle bands.

These points or bands form when muscles do not relax and can be felt when you touch or rub them. They irritate the nerves around them and cause severe referred pain.

During a trigger point injection (TPI) procedure, a small needle is inserted into the patient’s trigger point. This needle contains a local anesthetic. In some cases, it may include a steroid as well. The injection makes the trigger point numb and inactive and the pain is relieved.

How long is a TPI procedure and where it is performed?

A TPI procedure normally takes 10–15 minutes and is typically performed in the doctor’s office.

Where can you get a trigger point injection?

These injections are administered by rheumatologists, rehabilitation doctors, and pain management and physical medicine doctors.

Does the injection really work?

Each person responds to a TPI treatment differently, where some people notice immediate improvement in their symptoms, others need to wait for a few hours for the onset of the therapeutic effects of the injection.

The relief in pain may be temporary or permanent, depending on the underlying medical condition.

In cases, where the effects of the injection are temporary, the patient is given another appointment for a repeat injection in about 5–6 months time.

Are there any risks involved in the treatment?

TPI treatment is fairly safe, and the risk of complications from a trigger point injection is very low.

Possible side effects include:

Is it right for you?

A trigger point injection treatment may be right for you if you have muscle pain that just won’t go away and is not improving with other treatment options either.

As always, a diagnosis from the doctor is the best way to determine your suitability for the treatment.

If you live in Chronic Pain Recovery Hackensack NJ, you can reach out to our pain management specialists for a TPI treatment consultation.

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