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On the Road to Rehab: Outpatient Treatment Programs

Almost all substance abuse rehabs fall into one of two camps: outpatient or inpatient care. While equally focused on effective recovery and relapse prevention, each type has unique benefits and attributes to offer. The following post takes a look at outpatient substance abuse treatment programs.

What is Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment involves daily or weekly treatment at a clinic or facility. During outpatient rehab, patients live at home and travel to a counselor or medical center for the treatment on certain days of the week.

Outpatient treatment programs work best for people who have a mild substance abuse problem and are motivated to overcome it, but require a flexible program that could work around their schedules.

“The treatment was truly a blessing. What made things really convenient was that I was able to keep up with my job and other commitments during my treatment.”

Donovan, recovering addict

Benefits of an outpatient treatment program include:

Continuous support of the loved ones

Conventional wisdom tells us that people with substance abuse problems recover better when they have their friends and family supporting them. In fact, there’s research that backs this up as well.

One of the reasons outpatient treatment is so effective is that it allows patients to stay close to their loved ones during treatment.

Easier to manage

Outpatient treatment allows recovering addicts to balance their responsibilities at work and home with effective medical care, which makes things a lot easier for them to manage. Plus, it also serves as a convenient arrangement for individuals looking to transition into long-term sobriety.


Last but not least, outpatient substance abuse treatment programs are generally inexpensive and affordable. They are also covered by most health insurance providers. This is in contrast to inpatient treatment programs, which cost higher due to the involved on-hand medical care and in-house psychotherapy.

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