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Early Symptoms and Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy

If you’ve been telling yourself that you’re experiencing numbness in your limbs or pain in your hands due to weakness, it’s probably not the best idea to ignore these symptoms. These are symptoms of a larger problem, which can grow to affect other parts of the body, if not treated.

Peripheral neuropathy occurs as a result of nerve damage in the spinal region and outside the brain. This is why your hands and feet might be going numb! So before ignoring these pains next time they happen or instead of self-medicating yourself, go through this blog and get yourself checked.

What is the Peripheral Nervous System?

This system is responsible for sending and receiving information that’s being exchanged between the central nervous system—the brain and the spinal cord—and the rest of the body.

The peripheral nerves are the reason your body is able to register sensory information. Any damage to these nerves can cause sensations such as numbness or pain. Peripheral neuropathy is the term given to the situation resulting from damage sustained by the nerves.

Among other causes, traumatic accidents and injuries, metabolic ailments, genetic predisposition, infections and intoxication are a few leading ones. Another major cause of peripheral neuropathy is diabetes.


Individuals who suffer from peripheral neuropathy report feeling stabbing sensations or tingling numbness in different parts of their bodies. Even though medication can help to dull the sensory experience of the symptoms, they can’t cure the pain or discomfort completely.

Here are some common signs of peripheral neuropathy:

The general symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can be divided according to the type of nerves being affected. Here are some classifications of nerves and symptoms that each generates:


If not reported and handled during the early stage, peripheral neuropathy can take a turn for the worst. There can be unimaginable complications that are best prevented with medical help than treated.

Here are some conditions to be wary of:

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