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Bad Postures That Lead to Back Pain

Relaxing at work by slouching in your chair may seem a harmless habit; it sure is comfortable. But that can easily translate into a poor posture that can pose serious health risks. With 80% of the population already expected to contract back pain, let’s try to be part of the remaining 20%.

Back pain has been a primary cause of 264 million lost work days in a single year. Research also shows that recurrence of lower back pain can lead to chronic disabilities.

Here are some postures that are bad for your spinal health.

Slouching in a Chair

This may not seem like much of a problem in the present, but in retrospect, you’ll wish someone had corrected you. True, sitting upright in your chair at work can be exhausting. Especially, when you’re working long hours at a desk, you need a change of posture and slouching seems like an easy way out.

Sitting upright is challenging at first, because your muscles haven’t trained to support you yet. But with regular practice, it won’t be as difficult.

Sticking your Bottom Out

Hyperlordosis refers to a physical condition in which your bottom is sticking out of alignment. This is often done consciously done to pronounce the lower back curve or simply out of habit. If you observe yourself from a side angle, you’ll notice that it makes your upper body lean forward. This disturbs the alignment of the spine and causes pain in the long term.

Weak core and buttock muscles are usually the reason your body falls into this trap leading to back pain. The ideal posture is to align your shoulders with your hips.

Standing with a Flat Back

Imbalances in your muscles can often lead you to adopt this posture. A flat back posture refers to a tucked in pelvis which straightens out the back’s natural curve. It also becomes evident because your knees tend to bend a little. It can make it difficult to stand for long durations, which in itself is a sign of a bad posture.

This posture is not only a strain on your spine but also your neck and head because they have to lean forward. You need to strengthen your rear and neck muscles in order to correct this posture.

If you’re going through back pain and only realized that your posture was the problem, it’s never too late. Our pain relief doctors in NYC are skilled at offering physical therapy alongside Pain Management NY to deal with back pain sustainably. We can help you get back on your feet at our Pain Treatment Center NY.

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