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3 Ways Substance Abuse is Slowly Taking a Toll on Your Life

Over the past two decades, the opioid crisis has taken over the United States in record numbers. Since 1999, the deaths from drug overdoses have tripled in number whereas, opioid-related deaths increased by six times in the same period. According to the estimates provided by the CDC, nearly 70,000 people lost their lives to opioid addiction in 2018 alone.

Dependency on opioid medication has harmful consequences and addiction can lead to poor life decisions, deteriorating mental and physical health and loss of job or even the roof on your head. Let’s take at the effects of substance abuse on various aspects of your life.

1. Physical and Mental Health

Dependence on opioids can manifest within four to eight weeks—even when prescribed. Excessive dependence leads a number of physical health disorders including but not limited to cramps, generalized pain, restlessness and lack of sleep.

People dealing with anxiety can see an increase in the symptoms in addition to nausea, vomiting, overeating and diarrhea.

2. Financial Troubles

Opioid dependency has serious financial ramifications in terms of both the costs of drugs and an increase in insurance costs, liability claims, treatment expenses and recovery costs.

An often-overlooked consequence of addiction in its financial aspects is the loss of a job, leading to the inability to pay bills, loan payments and paying court fees or fines when in legal trouble.

3. Problems with the Law

When you’re under the influence, there’s a good chance you participate in illegal activities such as gambling or driving under the influence. Even a minor incident can land you in jail with criminal charges to your name, for life.

The Takeaway

Millions of people all across the US are currently coping with opioid or substance addiction and only 10% receive treatment. A number of these people depend on opioids to treat chronic and other bodily pains. If you’ve decided to make a change and are looking for alternative treatment options for your pain and Addiction Treatment NJ, we can help!

Our goal is to make the journey easier for you and your body. The road to recovery is long and difficult but with our guidance, you can achieve the desired results, manage your pain and withdraw from opioids without further deterioration of mental and physical health.

Talk to us about your recovery plans and work with our medical professionals to design a customized treatment plan for pain therapy NY and withdrawal. To book an appointment or more details, get in touch here!

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